Summer – slow season in Florida?

The hottest summer month is here, borders are still closed for the majority of us, but people still want to and do go on vacations. ⠀ Is Florida a bad idea in the summertime?

Summer – slow season in Florida?

Summer is traditionally considered to be the “slow season” in Florida, but it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do here during summer months.

Here are actually some perks of going to Florida during slow season.

1. The ocean is SUPER warm! 😍👌🏻 The water temperature is just perfect and you just don’t want to leave it for hours.
2. Sharks don’t really like warm waters 😜
3. Less people obviously, but then it’s much more relaxing.
4. There are many things to do and see in Florida, and we really recommend going to the springs, and summer is actually the best time to go, because the water is ice cold there and you won’t really enjoy it there in winter. (Google Devil’s Den photos, for example, it’s amazing).
5. Miami Spice! 😋 all restaurants have fixed price menus and you can dine for just $39 (3 course meal) in the best restaurants! 🍽

Come to Florida and enjoy tropical summer with us!

And we will be happy to arrange your boat trip while you are here (which we highly recommend doing, it’s an amazing experience)⠀

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